One of the most fascinating aspects of my job is the almost daily relationship with artisans.

The artisan is the one who partecipate alongside with you in the revaluation and discovery, apparently in a more humble position, but in fact he is essential to enhance and recover an artwork.

From an art historian point of view I always missed the manual side of the work, I put all of my efforts in to study and research, but now thanks to the artisans, I am learning countless aspects concerning materials and technics and every day “ancora imparo” (I keep learning) following a motto used in the 17th century by Salvator Rosa! This process stimulates my taste even on aspects which are secondary only in appearance as the choice of the right antique frame, of a certain kind of restoration/intervention, or on which kind of passe-partout is more appropriate for a drawing. These are all details that can change consistently the way we look at an artwork and can reveal the real essence of it.

For this reason I am constantly looking for the best solution for each piece, sometimes it is frustrating but the effort is worth the result, especially considering how demanding the collectors has become. In order to achieve my expectations I discovered a world of restorers, framers, gilders silversmiths, paper restorers, upholsterers ecc that have deeply enriched my knowledge as Art dealer. I believe that only by visiting my gallery in Via Monserrato you can get a glimpse of my personal “Khan al-Kalili” where all the characters of this world meet and interact with all their personalities and peculiarities just like inthe novels of Nagib Mahfuz.