Miriam Di Penta Fine Arts


The Gallery chose to make her brand-new public debut at Modena Antiquaria, the Italian Old Masters and Antiquities Fair par excellence! After 4 years with GOMP exhibiting Internationally, this seemed as a good chance to present Dr. Di Penta’s selection and style to the community of Italian collectors and dealers alike!

Modena is a fun, dynamic and very active city right in the middle of Italy’s richest Northern area: it’s going to be exciting and we have chosen CARDO Reggio Emilia to finish up the style of the stand with its wonderful dry flower decorations.

Works by Giuseppe Recco, Paolo Porpora, Andrea de Leone, Filippo Napoletano, Corrado Giaquinto, il Genovesino, Giulio Aristide Sartorio and many others will be showcased at our contemporary-designed Stand, il Correggio 21.

8-17 febbraio 2019
Viale Virgilio, 58, 41123 Modena